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The Guide Specifications available here are intended to aid the design professional in generating the most current, accurate, and comprehensive construction specifications. Select from individual product specifications for Commercial, Medium, and High Density Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials (SFRMs), Intumescent Fire Resistive Materials (IFRMs) and Rigid Board Fire Resistive Materials. Our All Products specification includes all of the above fireproofing types, which delivers complete solutions for your project from the leading single-source provider in the industry, Isolatek International.

Should you require any assistance with compiling your specification, our Technical Services Department, National Accounts and Sales Team are here to assist you. You can contact our Corporate Headquarters Directly at 1-800-631-9600 (Option 1) or you can locate your salesperson within the Contact Us Section.

Commercial Density SFRMs

Applied directly to steel floor and roof decking, structural steel beams and columns or concrete surfaces, CAFCO® BLAZE-SHIELD® II / ISOLATEK® Type II and CAFCO 300 / ISOLATEK Type 300 offer exceptional fire resistive and physical performance characteristics in the Commercial Density SFRM category. Specify one or both of these products for concealed, commercial environments.

Commercial / Construction Density SFRM Spec

Medium Density SFRMs

CAFCO BLAZE-SHIELD HP / ISOLATEK Type HP and CAFCO 400 / ISOLATEK Type 400 are cement-based, medium density SFRMs designed to provide fire resistance to structural steel and concrete surfaces. Their cement-based formulation and in-place physical properties make these products the ideal choice for indirect weather exposure and areas where limited physical abuse is present. Specify one or both of these products for exposed applications in parking garage environments, mechanical rooms, elevator shafts, etc.

Medium Density SFRM Spec

High Density SFRMs

CAFCO® FENDOLITE® M-II / ISOLATEK Type M-II is a high density, cement based SFRM designed to provide fire resistance ratings to steel beams, columns, floor and roof assemblies. It is ideally suited for exterior applications and areas where high levels of impact and abrasion resistance are necessary. Specify FENDOLITE M-II / Type M-II for spray applications or FENDOLITE TG / Type TG (Trowel Grade) where spray applications are not practical or not permitted.

High Density SFRM Spec


Since Isolatek International provides a complete line of Commercial, Medium and High Density Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials (SFRMs), the following specification was created to include all three grades of fire protection materials. This specification includes both our wet and dry spray product lines in order to allow for the most competitive bid. You can alter the specification as needed to suit your needs.

All SFRM Guide Spec


CAFCO® SprayFilm® WB 3 / ISOLATEK Type WB 3 is a water-based IFRM designed for the protection of exposed interior structural steel columns, beams and decking. It is the only UL Classified IFRM that will provide up to a 3-hour fire resistance rating on floor deck assemblies. SprayFilm WB 4 / Type WB 4 is the only water-based IFRM designed for the protection of exterior structural steel beams, columns and decking. SprayFilm WB 5 / ISOLATEK Type WB 5, our newest generation water-based IFRM, provides superior fire resistive performance resulting in optimal aesthetics and efficient installations. Select from the specifications below for an interior and/or exterior grade system.

CAFCO SprayFilm / ISOLATEK Type WB Exterior Spec

CAFCO SprayFilm / ISOLATEK Type WB Interior Spec

Rigid Board Fire Resistive Materials

CAFCO-BOARD® / ISOLATEK Type CB provides fire resistance ratings for structural steel roof and floor decking, beams and columns. Its mechanical attachment to the steel substrate ensures it remains in-place regardless of deflection and impact forces often associated with out-of-sequence roof construction and traffic. For existing and operational structures, CAFCO-BOARD / ISOLATEK Type CB provides for a very efficient, cost effective installation and introduces no water into the built environment. Specify CAFCO-BOARD / ISOLATEK Type CB to overcome sequencing and logistical challenges associated with today’s fast paced construction schedules for new and existing structures.


Thermal/Acoustical Fire Resistive Materials

Isolatek’s Thermal and Acoustical products are the perfect combination for specialized areas requiring improved sound mitigation and R-values.




All Products Specification

Isolatek International is the only provider of fireproofing that can offer protection for every structural steel component of a building project. Should your project and resulting fireproofing needs require SFRMS, IFRMs, and Rigid Board Fire Resistive Materials, access our All Products Specification below. Isolatek International; your single source global leader in advancing fireproofing technology.

All Products Spec

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ISOLATEK INTERNATIONAL provides passive fireproofing materials under the CAFCO® and FENDOLITE® trademarks throughout the Americas and under the ISOLATEK® trademark throughout the world.

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