Prince George’s County Public Schools

September 21, 2022


Location: Prince George County, MD

In Prince George’s County, Maryland, the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) and Prince George’s County Education and Community Partners have started construction on five new middle schools and one K-8 school. Hyattsville, Drew Freeman, Walker Mill, Kenmore HS, Southern, and Adelphi Schools will all be protected by Isolatek International’s CAFCO® BLAZE-SHIELD® II Portland cement-based commercial density Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM).

The PGCP system has the second oldest school facilities in Maryland, where 40% of the buildings are almost 60 years old. They are to undergo a more than $1 billion public-private partnership (P3) project to build new schools. The P3 project objective is to accelerate the process of building schools, taking a 12 year process and condensing it to be complete in July 2023. These tactics will also save an estimated $174 million in deferred maintenance and construction costs. The schools are architecturally designed to accelerate the construction completion and will provide a learning atmospheres for approximately 8,000 students.

Arctic Fireproofing Inc. and Davenport Commercial, both recognized applicators of ISOLATEK INTERNATIONAL, are applying CAFCO BLAZE-SHIELD II on the six schools. CAFCO BLAZE-SHIELD products were engineered to provide superior fire protection for the widest variety of structural steel in the commercial construction market. CAFCO BLAZE-SHIELD II offers proven fire resistance performance in combination with environmentally friendly characteristics, containing up to 67% pre-consumer recycled content. CAFCO BLAZE-SHIELD products also provide the highest thermal resistance ratings and a noise reduction coefficients in the SFRM category. Along with a durable finish and cement-based binder system, CAFCO BLAZE-SHIELD product are “investigated for exterior exposure” by UL, and can withstand moderate weather exposure during the construction cycle. CAFCO BLAZE-SHIELD products are tested to exceed American Institute of Architects (AIA)/General Services Administration (GSA) performance standards and have undergone the most rigorous testing in accordance with the world’s most demanding safety protocols.



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Isolatek International is the world leader in passive fire protection technology, developing, manufacturing, and delivering fire resistive solutions that protect structures and ultimately save lives. Its spray-applied fire-resistive materials, intumescent spray-applied fire resistive materials, rigid board, primer-sealers, and topcoats are rigorously tested and certified by world renowned authorities and agencies. Isolatek products are used globally and specified by architects, engineers, and embraced by general contractors for projects within the commercial, petrochemical and tunnel industries. ISOLATEK INTERNATIONAL provides passive fireproofing materials under the CAFCO® and FENDOLITE® trademark throughout the Americas and under the ISOLATEK® trademark throughout the world.

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ISOLATEK INTERNATIONAL provides passive fireproofing materials under the CAFCO® and FENDOLITE® trademarks throughout the Americas and under the ISOLATEK® trademark throughout the world.

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