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81 Bay Street, Toronto, Canada

January 14, 2021
Location: Toronto, Canada Products: CAFCO® FENDOLITE® M-II/P / ISOLATEK® Type M-II/P   [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]   Isolatek International’s CAFCO FENDOLITE M- .. Read more

Boston Seaport, Boston, MA

January 14, 2021
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Products: CAFCO® 300 HS & CAFCO 400 Isolatek International’s CAFCO 300 HS and CAFCO 400 Spray-Applied Fireproofing Materials (SFRMs) were selected to protect .. Read more

Isolatek International Update – Huntington, IN Plant & CAFCO BLAZE-SHIELD Product Line Updates

January 14, 2021
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Isolatek International continues its investment in its Huntington, IN Plant during the month of December 2020. This multi-million dollar investment confirms our continued commitment to this site, enables us to meet growing demand, and will ensure .. Read more

Isolatek International –
CAFCO SprayFilm WB 7 / ISOLATEK Type WB 7

June 3, 2020
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Isolatek® International is proud to announce the launch of our latest Intumescent Fireproofing technology, CAFCO® SprayFilm® WB 7 / ISOLATEK Type WB 7. CAFCO SprayFilm WB 7 / ISOLATEK Type WB 7 Intumescent Fire Resistive Material (IFRM) is a new wat .. Read more

Isolatek International – SHOUT OUT

April 9, 2020
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Isolatek gives a Shout Out to our Plant Personnel for continuing to operate and manufacture its CAFCO and ISOLATEK Brand Fireproofing products! Isolatek International is doing our part to support our Recognized A .. Read more

Isolatek International – 4.3.20 Update

April 3, 2020
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Isolatek Update About Isolatek International Isolatek International is the world leader in passive fire protection technology, developing, manufacturing, and delivering fire resistive solutions that protect structures and ultimately save lives. Its sp .. Read more

Isolatek International – COVID-19 Update

March 30, 2020
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Location: Stanhope, NJ - Isolatek International is committed to continuing operations as an essential manufacturer providing critical products to the United States construction and infrastructure sectors [ .. Read more

Hôtel Lutetia, Paris, France

October 23, 2019
Location: Paris, France Products: ISOLATEK® Type 300 Isolatek International’s Isolatek Type 300 was selected to protect the Hôtel Lutetia. Type 300 is a Wet-Mix Spray-Applied Fireproofing Material that offers the most cost-effective fire resistance performance per uni .. Read more

The Exchange 106

October 23, 2019
Location: The Exchange 106, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Products: ISOLATEK® Type 300 The KL’s newest skyscraper, The Exchange 106, was developed by the Mulia Group. The 92-story Signature Tower began construction in 2016 and is expected to be completed in 2019. Developers poure .. Read more

Isolatek International Applied Fireproofing – Colby College, Waterville, ME

October 22, 2019
OR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Recognized Applicator: Island International Industries of New England  Location: Colby College, Waterville, ME Products: CAFCO® 400, ISOLATEK® SBK-113, & CAFCO SprayFilm® WB 5 Colby College has been undergoing construction on its new $200 milli .. Read more

Isolatek International Applied Fireproofing – Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park

October 22, 2019
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Recognized Applicator: Rolling Plains Construction, Inc.  Location: Inglewood, CA Products: CAFCO® 300, CAFCO® 400, CAFCO® FENDOLITE® M-II, CAFCO® SprayFilm® WB 4 & CAFCO® SprayFilm® WB 4 TG The Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Pa .. Read more

Isolatek International Applied Fireproofing – Daytona State College’s Student and Workforce Transition Center

May 15, 2019
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Recognized Applicator: Fire Stop Systems Location: Daytona Beach, FL Products: CAFCO® 300AC / ISOLATEK® Type 300 AC & CAFCO® SprayFilm® WB 5 / ISOLATEK Type WB 5 Isolatek International was selected to protect Daytona State College’s new 84,00 .. Read more

Diseños y espesores

Espesores y diseños UL para materiales pasivos contra fuego de Isolatek para el sector de construcción comercial e industrial.

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ISOLATEK INTERNATIONAL provee materiales de protección pasiva contra fuego bajo la marca CAFCO® y FENDOLITE® en las Americas y bajo la marca ISOLATEK® en el resto del mundo.

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