Bluewaters Island & Ain Dubai

March 26, 2021


Location: Dubai, UAE
Products:  ISOLATEK® Type 300 & ISOLATEK Type 400

Bluewaters Island is an artificial island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Built on reclaimed land by Meraas Holding. Bluewaters Island will feature the AED 1 billion ($270m) the Ain Dubai (formerly the Dubai Eye), a 210-metre (689 ft) tall giant Ferris wheel. It is 42.5 m (139 ft) taller than the current world’s tallest Ferris wheel, the 167.6 m (550 ft) High Roller in Las Vegas, Nevada. The island will have a monorail system to transport visitors to Bluewaters. It also includes 200 retail and dining options for visitors, apartments, penthouses, and townhouses for waterfront living. Design and construction are being undertaken by Hyundai Contracting and Starneth Engineering.

ISOLATEK Type 300 & ISOLATEK Type 400 were specified to protect this project. The magnitude of the project offered them the opportunity to use multiple applicators. Thermofire Ltd applied our ISOLATEK Type 300 to the retail & dining structures throughout Bluewaters Island. Issam Kabbani & Partners installed  ISOLATEK Type 400 to the base structure of the Ain Dubai. Both  ISOLATEK Type 300 & ISOLATEK Type 400 provide up to 4-hour fire resistance ratings on the various floor and roof deck assemblies, steel beams, columns, and joists in commercial construction projects. Another commonality that these two products have is that they provide industry-leading physical performance and application efficiencies that are unsurpassed. Isolatek International also has worldwide manufacturing facilities that ensure the timely availability of products.



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Isolatek International is the world leader in passive fire protection technology, developing, manufacturing, and delivering fire resistive solutions that protect structures and ultimately save lives. Its spray-applied fire-resistive materials, intumescent spray-applied fire resistive materials, rigid board, primer-sealers, and topcoats are rigorously tested and certified by world renowned authorities and agencies. Isolatek products are used globally and specified by architects, engineers, and embraced by general contractors for projects within the commercial, petrochemical and tunnel industries. ISOLATEK INTERNATIONAL provides passive fireproofing materials under the CAFCO® and FENDOLITE® trademark throughout the Americas and under the ISOLATEK® trademark throughout the world.
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ISOLATEK INTERNATIONAL provides passive fireproofing materials under the CAFCO® and FENDOLITE® trademarks throughout the Americas and under the ISOLATEK® trademark throughout the world.

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